1000 Voices: Women of Manchester

December 2018

Following three months of tireless work and community organising, the MisogynyISHate team held the Women of Manchester Hate Crime Rally in December 2018. Emotional, uplifting and inspiring, this event brought together members of the community, Councillors, students and women’s organisations to demand action against misogyny. The event included geographical research from one of our leaders Jess Bostock and team member Courtney Keene, depicting hotspots for sexual assault across our city. In addition to musical and creative performances, survivors of misogyny and sexual violence were invited to speak alongside Councillors and representatives from various charitable organisations. Statements of support were read out by our team on behalf of three Members of Parliament. Following this event, we secured further contact and meetings with GMP.


Video from our event calling on GMP to recognise Misogyny IS Hate


University of Manchester

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