Misogyny IS Hate at Reclaim The Night

Marching to make misogyny a hate crime

Sylvie speaks to a crowd of 2000 about MisogynyISHate and why it's so urgent that Greater Manchester Police recognise misogyny as a hate crime.


Manchester Evening News Coverage

 Misogyny IS Hate at Reclaim The Night

"The mood tonight was empowering. It's not often that women are fully able to walk the streets at night with no fear or creeping doubt that at any moment we might be targeted for who we are. 

However, the mood was also anger and frustration. Because we know that a march, although powerful, isn't enough to make lasting systemic change. 

Its' important that our institutions recognise, name and ACT upon the problem of misogyny. We need Greater Manchester Police and the Combined Authorities to make real, effective, meaningful and tangible policy change, so that women's voices are actually heard, and our experiences are genuinely taken seriously and responded to with empathy." - Sylvie Pope


University of Manchester

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