Let’s celebrate some great successes for our campaign this #IWD2020


1. Huge response 

2. Strong support for monitoring hate against women and girls 

3. Chief Constable Ian Hopkins to meet with Deputy Mayor Bev Hughes to discuss ‘feasibility’ of policing recording new strands of hate.


This is fantastic news and we’re grateful to see the results finally released. We want to extend our thanks to Dep. Mayor Beverley Hughes for publicly consulting around #misogynyhatecrime . 

However, it isn’t enough just for our authorities to discuss the “feasibility” of making misogyny a hate crime, as we know it has been successful in other cities. Local women need to be involved in these discussions, and misogyny needs to be made a hate crime in time for the upcoming GM Plan on Tackling Hate Crime!


This IWD2020 the men in power need to listen to women and champion this cause:

  1. Mayor Andy Burnham must follow London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s lead and pledge support for Misogyny Hate Crime on his manifesto

  2. Chief Constable Ian Hopkins needs to meet local women, by the end of March, to ensure diverse voices are heard and included in the upcoming GM Plan for Tackling Hate Crime

  3. The National Police Chief’s Council needs to endorse and ratify misogyny hate crime nationally, to ensure police forces are united on this important issue


Greater Manchester Authorities now have an evidence base so we need to ensure the voices of women are taken seriously, and tangible action is adopted. We want our local groups to meet with GM Deputy Mayor and GMP Chief Constable,  ensuring our collective voices are heard throughout this process.

It is not enough to have an evidence base in support of #misogynyhatecrime policy, it is time for GM authorities to take action and listen to the overwhelming support.



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Greater Manchester Combined Authority Consulation Survey

October 2019

RESULTS RELEASED: 817 responses, STRONG support for monitoring hate against women and girls; Deputy Mayor Beverly Hughes to meet with Chief Constable Ian Hopkins to discuss 'feasibility' of recording new strands of hate. 

WE SAY: This isn't enough. Women have spoken; it's time to listen and take action. We want to work with the authorities. We want local women to have a say. 

In October, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) released a survey about hate crime in Manchester. Hate crimes are biased acts which target people based on hostility and prejudice. Through addressing inequalities, everyday expressions of gendered oppression and violence requires tackling Hate Crime itself. 

Included in this survey was the question of whether or not hate against women and girls should be monitored. This was a huge opportunity for us to show the authorities that there is a public consensus that not enough is being done to keep women and girls safe and so we worked hard to raise awareness of the consultation in order for people to make the most of this chance to have a say. It also implied to us that the authorities were potentially beginning to consider implementing misogyny Hate Crime policy and were collecting an evidence base for this.  It was therefore very much in our interest to ensure a large response. 

Misogyny is specifically produced by hostile feelings toward all of those who consider themselves as women. Misogynistic hate crimes may include sexual harassment in public spaces, which clearly affect the security of many citizens. By releasing the survey, GMCA takes a critical first step into recognising that Hate Crimes can be based on gender and that gender intersects with all other forms of Hate Crime. For instance, this survey can open the possibility of training the police into better responding to women reporting misogyny and women from minorities are more encouraged to report incidents.


University of Manchester

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