Greater Manchester Police Meeting

November 2019

In November 2019, we had the opportunity to meet with Greater Manchester Police’s Hate Crime Lead Superintendent Rick Jackson to discuss the potential and realities of implementing Misogyny Hate Crime Policy within Greater Manchester. Two of our leaders, Sylvie and Jess, attended the meeting with our Community Organiser from Greater Manchester Citizens, Furqan. We were able to hear from former Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police Sue Fish, who we were grateful to come along to share her expertise having implemented Misogyny Hate Crime Policy in Nottinghamshire when she was their Chief Constable in 2016: We are really grateful for the useful insight Sue shared on the realities of the policy implementation for the Police. Furthermore, Jess shared her research on Misogyny Hate Crime in Greater Manchester, highlighting similar rhetorics from Nottinghamshire, pre-implementation, alongside wide-spread community support for the implementation of policy within Greater Manchester.


University of Manchester

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