Misogyny IS Hate on Campus

The below video is from the Student Safety Session at MMU as outlined below:


Student Safety Session at Manchester Metropolitan University

Our team joined students from across the city to discuss issues of safety at this panel event hosted by MMU. We raised the issue of women's safety at night time and in the community in general, particularly in relation to distressing levels of harassment and sexual assault reported in student residential areas.

Citizens Society

We helped to set up the UK's first University Citizens Society! As part of Cit Soc we uphold the aims of GMC and CUK, encouraging students to see injustice in the world and take a step towards correcting it by teaching the skills to lead successful campaigns.

This means our members receive training in community organising, which includes building power, cycles of action, telling stories and public speaking, and so much more.

As well as campaigning on Misogyny Hate Crime, Cit Soc is working to help Sponsor Refugees, introduce better street lighting in residential areas and launch new campaigns based on the needs of students and community alike. Last year, Citizens Society successfully campaigned for the University of Manchester to become Living Wage accredited. This means that now, every member of staff across the institution is guaranteed to earn at least the living wage. 

You can find out more and join Citizens Society here.

Drive Days

The #MisogynyIShate campaigners have been using drive days for two years as a way to raise awareness about misogyny: the crimes that may result from it and its own characteristics are discussed with members of the public. Drive days allow us to improve inclusivity in our campaign and spread the message by word of mouth. 

Drive days provide useful insight into what members of the public think about misogyny. For instance, our leading campaigners noticed that many people did not understand how misogyny manifests itself into daily life. This has been useful to shape the educative goal of the campaign at a micro-level, by getting involved in communities such as high schools. 

Last year we used drive days for support for our videos and our Women of Manchester Hate Crime Rally. At the end of last year we  did intensive drive days to raise awareness of the GMCA consultation to ensure as many people as possible responded to the question: should hate be monitored against women and girls, to ensure as many voices were heard as possible. 

Campaign Supernova

For the past 2 years, we have been lucky enough to be invited to Manchester University’s Student Union Event - Campaign Supernova. We are really grateful for the continued support from the SU, and for organising such a great opportunity for networking with other interested groups from within the University surrounding gender, misogyny, and activism. We have met some amazing people at this event, and we look forward to attending in the future.

Catch us at every Fresher - and refresher - fair!

Pizza and Prosecco Networking Night

On 17th October 2018, our University team hosted our ‘Pizza and Prosecco Networking Night’, which saw members from across different university societies and campaigns come together to network surrounding women’s issues. At the focus was the opportunity to learn more about our campaign and foster cross-collaboration with different stakeholders within the University. We had representation from peer support schemes, halls representatives, the SU team, PhD students, societies and other activist groups. 

We were so lucky to share stories and learn about other gender-based advocacy which all highlighted the institutionalised patriarchal norms which resonate throughout the lives of women in our city.  Apparent from so many discussions on the night, was that deep-rooted misogyny is at the foundation women’s oppression, which is why we are calling on Greater Manchester Police to adopt the transformative policy of Misogyny Hate Crime, in order to actively tackle the disproportionate sexual harassment and violence that women face within our city.

Reclaim The Night 2019

Last year, we attended Reclaim the Night as a campaign due to the deep-rooted issues of gender-based violence and misogyny which lead to the disproportionate victimisation of women at night time in GM. We stood in solidarity with thousands of other women in GM to show that the city is ours, the night time is ours and our bodies are ours. Women are powerful and strong individually, but what was so powerful about RTN was that collectively we spoke out and marched for our freedom - it took thousands of women walking together from Fallowfield to the University of Manchester to finally feel safe at night time.
We believe that so much of the fear women face surrounding the night is surrounding widespread misogyny, which is why we are calling directly upon GMP and Chief Constable Ian Hopkins to hear our demands and help implement policy to improve the lived experiences of women in our city.


University of Manchester

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