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Overcoming everyday hate in the UK: Hate crime, oppression and the law
A Citizens UK report

Samanani and Pope (2020)

Misogyny Hate Crime Policy: Understanding the lived experiences of women in Greater Manchester

Bostock (2019) for Citizens UK and GFG IBG-RGS

Misogyny Hate Crime: Using Geographical approaches to support a National Review

Bostock (30th August, 2019)


Misogyny IS Hate in the Media

How can your society get involved in Misogyny Is Hate?

Pre Rally video MMU TV

Body Confidential's Manchester women of the year 2018

Should misogyny be made a hate crime in Greater Manchester?

Where the campaign emerged

Campaigning for a Cause: MisogynyISHate

Celebrating 100 years of Women’s Suffrage: Manchester launches #MisogynyISHate

'1000 Voices' Manchester campaigners speak out against misogyny

Salford women join ‘Misogyny is Hate’ campaign

Campaign to have misogyny made a hate crime

Manchester Jews give evidence to Law Commission hate crime review

Law Commission visit Manchester as part of hate crime review


University of Manchester

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